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ACKme Technologies

ACKme Networks offers customers a number of different wireless technologies and products aimed at simplifying RF projects. Our products are specifically designed to reduce development cycles and decrease overall time to market.

ACKme Networks was founded by a number of industry veterans who have many years of experience working for tier one manufacturers of wireless products and solutions. With a foundation of core competencies in various standard wireless protocols, you can be certain that ACKme has the best solution to get your product connected. Let ACKme help you decide which wireless technology is best for your project.


Wi-Fi is a ubiquitous wireless technology used by billions around the world to ‘connect’. Your smartphone has it. The local coffee shop has it. And chances are you have it at home too.

ACKme Networks is proud to partner with Broadcom to bring embedded Wi-Fi products to market using Broadcom WICED™ (pronounced wi-kid). WICED, an acronym for Wireless Internet Connectivity for Embedded Devices, provides a high-quality and full-featured development platform for wireless technologies including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC.

ACKme Networks has selected WICED as the underlying technology for it's Wi-Fi solutions. This means that not only will your product perform better and have greater range than most products with other Wi-Fi, it will also be more compatible with the majority of Wi-Fi routers and smartphones on the market, since the chances are they contain a quality Broadcom Wi-Fi chipset also!

Building on WICED, ACKme products provide all of the features you would expect from the worlds most advanced wireless networking development system designed specifically for embedded devices. ACKme products provide sophisticated wireless networking features including Wi-Fi Direct for easy setup and HTTPS security, the same security used by a web browser to connect to your bank over the internet.

So, if you’re thinking about connecting existing or upcoming products using Wi-Fi technology, ACKme's solutions are built on globally proven technologies used by the best connected products on the planet.

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