This example is demonstrates a wireless LED matrix display that can be updated remotely using a web browser on your phone, tablet or PC.
This particular axample takes advantage of the free IoT cloud,

The ACKme device is in slave mode and operates with the Arduino 2560.

 Basic Smiley Face Schematic


After the Mackerel board has been setup with, the app connects to via Wi-Fi and retrieves messages and control information such as:

  • Text rotation
  • Text Blink
  • Display Brightness
  • Display On/Off

(Instructions for connecting to are included in the Arduino source files


FILES (Contained in zip file)

goHACKmeLEDMatrix.ino                                      Arduino source code

goHACKmeLEDLatrix-bd.pdf                                 Block diagram of the demo

goHACKmeLEDMatrix-photo.jpg                           Photo

ghm_caps_ledmatrix8x8.json                                  gHm caps file