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Did you know in the US alone, 78.5 million tons of packaging is thrown away every year? At ACKme we make every attempt to re-use packaging materials wherever possible and in turn, this helps to reduce product cost and make for a cleaner environment.

So how do we do it?

Simple, boxes our suppliers use to send product to us, are cleaned up and re-used to send product to you. Some of our staff even bring boxes in from home left over from their online purchases!

Every little helps, spread the word!


Fact or fiction... we dont know, but, here is interesting online trivia we found out about packaging... 

  • In general, nearly 10% of a product’s price is for the packaging waste it’s in, for toys it is alot more! 
  • To fight shoplifting, which costs retailers more than $11 billion dollars every year (in the US alone), clamshell packages are designed so that 'human hands' have great difficulty separating the backing and cover, according to a 2003 patent on them. 
  • The global packaging market is worth an estimated $429 billion dollars. 
  • Armed with scissors and box cutters, it took Consumer Reports testers more than 3 minutes to retreive a certian electronic toothbrush from its packaging. 
  • If every family reused wrapping from at least 3 gifts, it would save enough paper to cover 50,000 football fields. 
  • Last summer, Sam’s Club began selling milk in stackable plastic jugs with a smaller energy footprint. It cut the price of a gallon of milk by at least 20 cents. Consumers however, complained that the milk spilled too easily. 
  • 33 percent of American’s said that they seek alternatives to over packaged goods and nearly half of the consumer’s worldwide said they’d sacrifice convenience for more environmentally friendlier packaging. 
  • "I shouldn’t have to start off Christmas morning with a needle nose pliers and wire cutters", said Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, as his company starting selling products in easy to open, "Frustration Free Packaging".  
  • Memory sticks often come in a packaging that’s almost 50 percent larger than the product itself. 
  • About one quarter of the weight of a military Ready to Eat Meal, is packaging. These ready to eat meals (called MRES) generate 14,000 tons of waste a year. 
  • Software companies often ship their software in boxes that is nearly 16 times larger than the DVD case within the box. 
  • A 2008 bill written by Representative Anthony Weiner (D-NY) would have required the EPA to find ways to reduce packaging waste by 30% in 10 years. The bill died with no cosponsors. 
  • In 2007, Americans threw away 78.5 millions tons of packaging. That’s 520 pounds per person and was a 71 percent increase from 1961! 
  • After 99% of her readers said that packages were getting harder to open, the editor of a British magazine for senior citizens complained that 'Hard to open packaging isn’t just a dangerous nuisance, it discriminates against the weak.' 
  • Last year, clamshell packages sent more than 5,700 American’s to the emergency room. 
  • In May 2008, Sony announced 'Death to the Clamshell' with a video of a man getting impaled by a package of headphones. 
  • Holiday packaging waste prompted a British mall to hire a mathematician to devise a formula for using the least amount of gift wrap. The big secret? The wrapping paper should be longer than the length of the gift. Its width should be just a little more than the width and depth. (Now there’s a smart guy!) 
  • Nearly 1/3 of American’s waste is packaging material. 43 percent of that waste is typically recycled after use. 
  • Pentagon researchers say that by converting over packaging waste to fuel, military units could become energy self-sufficient. 
  • 65% of adults asked, said that they would drink wine from a box or pouch, but 61% drew the line in the sand at wine in a can.
  • Three to five year olds are 3 times more likely to eat their Chicken Nuggets from a decorated wrapper than from a plain one. 
  • American’s annually, buy enough plastic wrap to cover Texas. 
  • Frito Lay has a line of gift wraps, pencil cases, and totes made form old Cheetos and Doritos bags. 
  • In 2005, the cardboard box was inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame. 'Packaging is something that’s accessible to kids', said the curator.  
  • More than 80% of kids surveyed said they preferred plastic milk in bottles over paper cartons. They said that milk in plastic was ‘cool’ and ‘fun to drink’ whereas milk in cartons was just plain ‘old fashioned’. 
  • The USDA has developed an edible food wrap. A researcher said 'Imagine apple film wrapped pork chops that go from the refrigerator to the stove, where the film melts into an apple glaze!'  
  • ScentSational Technologies makes real plastic packages that emit smells to increase shoppers ‘in store awareness’ of the products inside it. 
  • Sales of Patagonia underwear jumped nearly 30 percent after it removed the packaging around it. 
  • In 2005, a coroner’s office in Washington state said it planned to buy a machine costing $50,000 to shrink wrap bodies in case of a disaster or terrorist attack.  
  • Sales of single serving snack packs grew by 28% in 2006. On average, these smaller packages cost 2% times more per ounce than the regular products in larger boxes. 
  • Presliced and wrapped fruits and veggies cost up to 45% more than buying the whole thing.  
  • Last year, over 600,000 people injured themselves trying to open a clamshell package. Of those, 2000 had to be hospitalized.

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