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What is RSS?

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is a standard web feed format designed to publish frequently updated information including blog entries and news headlines. An RSS feed highlights new material published on a website avoiding the need to manually check the website for updates.

How do I use RSS?

To make use of RSS, you will need an RSS reader, or aggregator. An RSS aggregator can be a stand-alone application, or a plug-in for another program you already use, such as Microsoft Outlook.

There are also online aggregators, websites such as My Yahoo or Bloglines that allow customization by adding RSS feeds.

Web Browsers

You can also use most web browsers as an RSS reader. Depending on the browser, the RSS reader will either be built-in or require an additional plug-in extension:

Built-in Firefox iconInternet Explorer iconSafari icon Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari come with a built-in RSS reader.
Requires Extension Chrome icon Chrome requires the addition of on an RSS extension:
> Get the RSS extension here

To view a feed in your RSS Aggregator:

  1. Click the link for the RSS feed that you want to subscribe to.
  2. Copy the URL.
  3. Paste the URL into your reader.

Step by Step instructions for PC/Outlook users:

We will soon be adding additional RSS feeds including:

  • PCN and EOL notifications
  • Firmware update notifications
  • General updates (to our site)
  • ...and maybe others!!!
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