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On occasion ACKme may find a reasons to release a 'Hotfix' for certian  products. The intent of a hotfix is to enable or alter features within a product that may not have been enabled at time of release. On occasion a hotfix may also be released to alter a products behaviour based on customer feedback.
These Hotfix's can also be found in the usual Resources and Documentation section of this website

ASP-Wahoo 150302

Feb 3rd, 2015  

Full release devices:

Enables an internal pull down on the mode selection pin to avoid unexpected behaviour.

To use this hotfix, press and hold the mode selection button so that the device stays in "COMMAND MODE" and run the hotfix. Release the mode selection button when the hotfix is complete.


Beta program devices:

This hotfix provides additional fixes for owners of Wahoo devices distributed during the product beta program, details of these additional fixes are not published for security reasons. Devices issued during the beta program are not covered under the standard warranty.

ASP-Hornet 140928 Sept 28th, 2014   Adds the capability for early Hornet modules to join the cloud service

Important Notes:

  • Standard modules are shipped with the latest firmware.  
  • Customers can update most devices to the latest version of firmware using an Over-the-air (OTA) upgrade command described in ACKme module/device reference manuals.
  • Custom firmware may be available for particular modules and solutions.  If the firmware version you require is not listed in the table above, contact your local sales office.

Common Questions:

Q:  What if the firmware I want isn’t listed here?

A:  Call your local sales office, some archived firmware versions may not be available.

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