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Wallaby ModuleACKme offers a number of fully certified modules that are based on various technologies such as Wi-Fi. ACKme Wi-Fi modules run our intuitive and customer friendly WiConnect serial Wi-Fi software.

All of our module solutions integrate the cloud API which (if used) substanitally simplifies device cloud connectivity for remote control or sensor logging applications. ACKme provides customers with access to a free cloud service called which is powered by technology.

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Complete Solutions

CondorACKme offers a number of field ready solutions that incorporate various sensors and control interfaces. Each solution uses the cloud API to provide command/control capability and/or data logging functionality for industrial and commercial projects.

The ADW001 ‘Condor’ wireless sensor provides a range of Wi-Fi sensing options including temperature, humidity, motion, acceleration and tamper while the ADW002 ‘Osprey’ board enables simultaneous sensing of four inputs and the ability to control the state of four relay outputs rated up to 250VAC.

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