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July 17th, 2015


Introduction of reel based packaging

Many of our customers have requested volume parts to be supplied in reel format instead of tray format as many production floors or contract manufacturers are using machines configured for the reel formats.

This PCN introduces the /R format and the changes it applies to the /S and /T delivery format.

Feb 3rd, 2015



Wahoo (AMS001-E01)

Full release devices:

Enables an internal pull down on the mode selection pin to avoid unexpected behaviour.

To use this hotfix, press and hold the mode selection button so that the device stays in "COMMAND MODE" and run the hotfix. Release the mode selection button when the hotfix is complete.


Beta program devices:

This hotfix provides additional fixes for owners of Wahoo devices distributed during the product beta program, details of these additional fixes are not published for security reasons. Devices issued during the beta program are not covered under the standard warranty.

ASP-Wahoo 150302
Dec 31st, 2014


PCN/EOL Notification

Hornet (AMW004-A01)

The AMW004-A01 (Hornet) has been retired in favour of the newer AMW006-A1U and AMW006-A1W (Hopper) family of through-hole modules. The newer devices offer improved RF performance in a compatible footprint.

Aug 16th, 2014



Hornet (AMW004-A01)

A certian batch of Hornet (AMW004-A01) modules were discovered to have a UUID loaded that is not authorised to be used with the free cloud service.

This ACKme Hotfix solves the problem. 

 ASP-Hornet 140928
June 2nd, 2014



All early version E01, 02 and 03 development tools

All boards using a USB connector have been changed from miniUSB to microUSB. Cables are included in the kit.

The change has been created to allow for boards to be powered using the new standard microUSB chargers supplied with mobile phones.


 Not Applicable
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