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ACKme Networks - a brand

Cellular Technology

Cellular Technology

When away from 'home base', cellular technologies offer an extension of connectivity.

Roaming ensures that a wireless device remains connected to the 'network' even when operating in service regions outside of the service vendors own network.

ACKme Networks cellular products and modules are purpose designed for embedded products; making use of two key differentiators over all competitive solutions.

All ACKme modules include the SDC ( cloud API ensuring interaction with the cloud is optimised, reliable and battery friendly - key to any product that is part of the 'Internet of Things'


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ACKme is proud to partner with Eseye who offer access to GSM infrastructure on a global scale. Eseye's APNs are designed specifically to service the M2M market with preferred global roaming capability. The combination of ACKme Networks, and Eseye's solutions create an industry leading cloud-connected cellular product portfolio.

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