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ACKme Networks prides itself on providing quality technology solutions to customers, so it is only natural that we are very selective when it comes to choosing partners and suppliers.

ACKme Bluetooth products are based exclusively on Broadcom technology. Founded in 1991, Broadcom is a fabless semiconductor provider headquartered in Irvine, California. Over the past 23+ years, Broadcom has become one of the largest suppliers of wireless and broadband communication ICs in the world.

The relationship between ACKme and Broadcom runs deep. ACKme senior management includes a selection of individuals that were key to the genesis and development of Broadcom WICED technology.

Introducing WICED™, by Broadcom


Broadcom's Wireless Internet Connectivity for Embedded Devices (WICED™) platform (pronounced "wik-id") eases development effort and simplifies the implementation of Internet connectivity in an array of consumer devices, especially those without existing support for networking.

ACKme provides certified module solutions and feature-rich easy-to-use software applications that are fully compatible with WICED. The powerful combination of Broadcom WICED and industry-proven ACKme solutions, in concert with legendary ACKme support, eases development effort enabling you to beat your competitors to market with a highly-reliable and cost-effective product.

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Introducing TruConnect, by ACKme


Connect your BT device in in the easiest way possible using an ACKme Bluetooth module and TruConnect - the intuitive Bluetooth serial command application.

While an ACKme BLE module avoids the cost and complexities of RF board design, TruConnect similarly avoids the cost and complexity of BLE and networking software development. 

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